• Two automatic umbrellas pick up ideas from the two most romantic cities in the world

    Today, umbrellas is becoming ever more popular, as umbrellas are increasingly diverse from design to texture. Umbrellas not only have the ability to cover the sun, rain, but also protect the skin from harmful UV rays most comprehensive. Consequently, more and more people choose umbrellas as the most convenient way to protect their bodies. Let us explore the two automatic umbrellas inspired by the two most romantic cities in the world London, Venice.

    The beauty of London

    When it comes to London, the capital of England, many people will love the beauty of the city. Each passing season brings the city a beautiful color to fascinated, there are many works of art inspired by that beauty. Besides the weather, busy life can not ignore the impressive architecture in this city. In it, Tower Bridge almost become the ancient symbol of the city. The Tower Bridge, located just beside the River Thames, offers a striking picture. Inspired by this enchanting beauty, there are many product lines. In particular, the London's automatic paintings have been highly praised. This is a combination of art to bring luxury to the user.


    Automated umbrella inspired by the City of London
    utomatic umbrellas inspired by the City of London


    London UV Coating DCT36302: With the increasing demand of consumers, the design of the umbrellas is an impressive design with artistic direction is chosen by many people. This product line has a 2-layer design with black as the main color, the outer layer is black, while the inner layer is a picture of London. This picture is hand painted so extremely delicate and beautiful bring more life when used. Although it is made of waterproof vinyl, as well as extremely high UV protection, it protects the skin perfectly. The handle of the umbrella is designed with a gentle bend to bring flexibility to the product. The frame of the umbrella made of stainless steel can bend 180 degrees, so anti-rebound well when the weather is wind. Simultaneously enhance the life and express the level of the user. Automatically up to 122cm in diameter, this is the super-tall height that the folded umbrella is designed for. When folded even 37cm is so convenient and do not occupy too much area.


    Despite the impressive design from design to the material
    Despite the impressive design from design to the material


    The beauty of the city of Venice

    Venice is considered as the city of love from Italy, not by chance that people named it. The name Venice is derived from the ancient Venetian and in Latin, Venice means love. The city is famous for the ancient beauty of the bridges and canals located in the city. When you come here, you will be sitting on the Gondola, an old Venice boat to see the whole city and listen to the melodious music from the boat people. Dropping by the river, watching the city appear before the eyes with music bring back feelings, as the same as when the lover. That's why this place is a great idea for more impressive umbrellas. The DCT36301 is an impressive combination. Inspired by the beauty of the city and the talents of the artisans have produced impressive lineup. The cell is made up of two layers with a black outer layer, the inner layer being the image of the city of Venice hand-drawn.


    Automatic umbrella inspired by Venice love city
    Automatic umbrella inspired by Venice love city

    Similar to the London umbrella this product is also designed with ultra-wide diameter up to 122cm, when folded down to only 37cm so extremely convenient. With impressive design and high quality material will surely satisfy all customers. Please contact Hotline +841677 56 56 99 for more information, we are very pleased to serve you.



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